The Hoover Floormate Vs The Bissell Crosswave: Which One Is For You?

We took the two most popular power mops, the Bissell Crosswave vs Hoover Floormate, and put them through their paces in our specially made testing grounds. We tried them on tile, hardwood, linoleum and area rugs.

You’ll see bits of our test results here and there in this post. We also spent hours picking apart real customer reviews to see what owners of these machines think. All this so we could present to you the best all in one vacuum cleaner.

Which will it be? You’ll see in just a few minutes. Let’s start at the top

Bissell Crosswave vs Hoover Floormate Comparison

 Bissell Crosswave Floor And Carpet CleanerHoover FloorMate Hard Floor Cleaner
FilterSingle washable filtersSingle washable filters
How easy to empty?Single lever release for each tankSingle lever release for each tank
Tank systemDouble tank system ( Solution and dirty water tank )Double tank system (Solution and dirty water tank )
Cleaning modesWet or dry vacWet vac only
Cord length25 ft.20 ft.
Power consumption600 watts1200 watts
Weight11 lbs13.8 lbs
Size46H x 12W x 10-1/2D In.43-1/4H x 11-1/2W x 12D In.
Included accessoriesMulti-surface, hardwood, area rug brushrollsMulti-surface and hardwood cleaning head
Easy change cleaning head?YesYes
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price


While its spinning brushes do a great job at scrubbing up grime, Hoover’s doesn’t have quite as much suction as Bissell’s entry in this battle. The floor doesn’t get completely dry with one pass. This is a bit annoying because you have to be careful not to step on your wet floor as you clean. The Crosswave sucks water up efficiently enough that it’s almost dry in one pass.

To use the Floormate, you simply fill and install the tank, which takes just a few seconds, and start scrubbing your hard surface floors. Hard surface flooring is basically anything other than carpeting and rugs. Think hardwood, tile, linoleum and even rubber gym floor mats. Use the trigger to spray extra solution on problem areas.

After you scrub, you push a button to switch to vacuum mode to suck the dirty water up. You may have to do a section at a time, rather than your whole floor, because you don’t want that dirty water to dry before you have a chance to suck it up. When the dirty water tank is full, you simply press a lever to release the tank.

After filling and installing the Crosswave’s solution tank, you select between the hardwood and rug modes and get to cleaning. It vacuums fine debris, scrubs with solution and vacuums up the dirty water all at once. You don’t have to go over the same area twice, unless it is particularly soiled. It has the same trigger for extra spray if you need it for tough spots.

You’ll have to empty the Crosswave’s dirty water tank more often, because it is one-third the size of the Floormate’s. Releasing the Crosswave’s tank is just as quick and simple as with the Floormate.

The Hoover Floormate is the best vacuum for hard floor surfaces, but the winner of the performance, convenience and versatility awards is Bissell’s Crosswave.

Weight And Maneuverability

This is an even tie. Both cleaners are more cumbersome than the largest and heaviest stick vacuum, but they are sleeker and more maneuverable than practically all similar leading wet/dry mops.

If you do some bending and stretching and really try, you can get halfway under a couch with a 6” clearance from the floor. It is rather difficult to clean around furniture legs and such, as both models lack swivel steering.

You probably want a light mop if you’ll have to lug it up and down stairs. In that case, you’ll like the Bissell Crosswave’s 11 pounds. Hoover’s Floormate is almost four pounds heavier at 13.8 pounds.

Both cleaners are equally maneuverable, but the Crosswave is quite a bit lighter.


Both cleaners have a similar design. They are tall and slender, more like stick vacuums than the bulky carpet shampooers of the past.

They share a modern, simple design, incorporating sleek lime green accents on their grey frames. The Crosswave is brighter, with more color. The Floormate is more grey, with just touches of green.

The Hoover Floormate’s tanks are located at the front and back of the machine, with the cleaning solution tank being in the back and the dirty water tank and the front.

The Bissell Crosswave’s tanks are located at the sides, one on the right and one on the left.

Changing and removing brushrolls for cleaning is super easy on both machines. In both cases, it’s just a matter of snapping the clear brush cover off and pulling a hook to release the cleaning heads.

Both cleaners place their buttons on the handle. The design of these two is so similar that there is no real winner here.


These two wet dry mops are the same size, for all practical purposes. The Crosswave is three inches taller, about the same width and almost two inches smaller from front to back. The Floormate is shorter and just a hair stockier.

Both cleaners store easily in any closet. Again, there is not enough practical difference in size to call one better than the other.


Value is a subjective judgement, so we’ll help you make your own call here. Of course you want the easiest-to-use, best performing vacuum. But there’s also the cost consideration.

If you want a cleaner that will shampoo area rugs, you really only have one choice: the Bissell Crosswave. But if you don’t have rugs, or you are willing to clean them another way to save some cash, the Hoover Floormate is still in the running.

Are you willing to pay an extra $100 or so for Bissell’s single-pass, almost instant-dry clean? Keep in mind that you have to deal with a small collection tank. If you can shell out the extra dough, go with the Crosswave.

Are you OK with having to go over your floor twice to get it done? Can you live with your floor taking a few minutes to dry after cleaning? If you can say yes to those two considerations, think about the money you can save by making those two concessions.

Charge And Run Time

Noise is primarily determined by motor power. This would indicate that the Crosswave is quieter, and our testing confirms this.

But it’s not much quieter. The other factor that contributes to noise level is the air rush caused by the suction. Although the Crosswave has a smaller motor, it generates more suction.

The winner for the quietest wet/dry cleaner is Bissell’s Crosswave, but only by a hair.

Bissell Crosswave & Hoover Floormate Reviews

Both of these machines are dependable, high-quality floor cleaners made by trusted brands. Each one has some unique features that the other doesn’t have. These key differences will make one or the other the better choice for you.

Let’s dissect each cleaner now.

Bissell Crosswave Floor And Carpet Cleaner Review


  • Goes from hard floor surfaces to area rugs with the push of a button when using multi-surface brushroll
  • Can be used as a dry vac
  • Only 11 pounds
  • Low noise level
  • Motor draws only 600 watts
  • High suction
  • Multi-surface, hardwood and area rug brushrolls included
  • More colorful with lime green accents
  • Easy to use
  • 25-foot cord

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The Bissell Crosswave is the more expensive of the two, but it is easier to use and gets the cleaning done in half the time. That’s because it vacuums, scrubs and sucks up the dirty water at the same time.

This triple duty, and the fact that it’s the only one of the pair that can clean rugs, make it the best wet dry floor cleaner.

Furthermore we created comparison between Bissell Crosswave vs Shark Sonic Duo, this will allow you to see more advantages of this model.

Accessories and Parts

The product comes with a shown below accessories. 

  • The nylon and microfiber multi-surface brushroll
  • Nylon brushroll for area rugs
  • Microfiber brushroll for hardwood
  • Washable filter
  • A cleaning tray that attaches the cleaning head to self-clean the brushroll


  • Effortlessly goes from hard floor surfaces to rugs when using the multi-surface brushroll
  • Low power consumptions
  • Strong suction dries hard floors almost immediately
  • Vacuums, scrubs hard floors and shampoos rugs, and sucks up dirty water in one pass
  • You get an extra battery
  • Lightweight
  • Includes cleaning tray for self-cleaning brushroll


  • On the expensive side
  • Small collection tank

Hoover FloorMate Hard Floor Cleaner Review


  • For hard floor surfaces only
  • Weights almost 14 pounds
  • Multi-surface and hardwood brush cleaning heads
  • More subdued green accents
  • At 1.4 liters each, its cleaning and dirty water tanks are over three times the size of the Crosswave’s corresponding tanks
  • 20-foot cord

Read Reviews & Best Deal

According to our testing and research, The Hoover Floormate is the best hardwood floor vacuum and mop. It is about a hundred bucks less than the Crosswave, but it sacrifices some suction power while strangely pulling twice the power from the wall.

It also makes cleaning hardwood flooring a two-step job. You have to go over the floor once to vacuum and scrub, then go over it again to suck the dirty water up off your floor.

What makes it so good is its spinning brushes, which are better at scrubbing up dirt and grime from hard surfaces.

Accessories and Parts

The product comes with a shown below accessories. 

  • A washable filter
  • Multi-surface spinning brush cleaning head
  • Hardwood floor spinning brush cleaning head
  • 32-ounce sample of Renewal Multi-surface floor cleaning solution


  • Larger 1.4-liter collection tank
  • Much more affordable
  • Cool cordless conversion kit available
  • Best for hard floors


  • Hard floor surfaces only
  • Requires two passes to clean and dry floors
  • Relatively high power consumption

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What Consumers Are Saying About Both Products

Both of these floor cleaners have good reviews and some critical reports.

We sifted through as many reviews as we could find and scored some seemingly impartial reports from people who’ve owned both the Hoover Floormate and the Bissell Crosswave.

Their take on the issue is the same as ours after performing our head-to-head testing: The Crosswave is easier to use and flat out more useful, but the Floormate cleans hard flooring better.

We didn’t stop there. We scoured the internet and studied a ridiculous number of actual customer reviews, both negative and positive, of both machines.

The Crosswave is better for hard floors and the Crosswave is better for homes with both hard floors and at least a few area rugs.

It’s important to note that, as we found out ourselves firsthand, people say that the Crosswave is no good at cleaning pile carpet.

The Floormate isn’t either, of course, but it’s not designed for carpet or rugs.

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The Takeaway

The bottom line that we’ve drawn is based on our own testing, research, consultation with experts and numerous certified legitimate reviews from people who actually own and use these floor cleaners.

The Hoover Floormate is best for hard floors. It’s best if you have all or mostly hard floors in your home. Decide whether it’s worth the extra $100 for the ease of use and rug-cleaning capabilities of the Bissell Crosswave.

The Bissell Crosswave is not as good at cleaning hard flooring, but it is much quicker and more convenient than the Floormate. If you have rugs, you may want to sacrifice the superior hard floor performance for the ability to clean your rugs and all other flooring with the same cleaner.

If you’re looking for the best all-in-one vacuum cleaner, it’s only natural that you ended up comparing the Hoover Floormate and the Bissell Crosswave.

The best all-around is the Crosswave. It goes from non-pile rugs to any kind of hard floor with the touch of a button. But it’s more expensive, and it isn’t as good at cleaning hard floors as the Floormate.

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