The 10 Best Shark Vacuums: Upright, Robot, Stick and More for 2021

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Last updated on January 25th, 2021

Last updated on January 25th, 2021

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Shark vacuums are famous for their quality and performance in all household cleaning applications.

We want you to get the best shark vacuum cleaner for your particular needs, so we sorted through all the Shark vacuum reviews we could find and figured out which Shark models perform the best in the top 10 categories.

There’s no need to be confused or overwhelmed by the choices. Settle back and learn which Shark matches your household’s unique needs. After reading our reviews and guide, you’ll be confident and ready to make a great choice.

Our Recommended Shark Vacuums

Shark APEX Upright Vacuum with DuoClean for Carpet and HardFloor Cleaning, Zero-M Anti-Hair Wrap, & Powered Lift-Away with Hand Vacuum (AZ1002), Espresso
  • Shark Apex Upright Vacuum
  • 17 pounds
  • Corded
  • HEPA filtration
  • Price: See Here!
Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum with Lift-Away, Zero-M Anti-Hair Wrap Technology, Anti-Allergen + HEPA Filter and Swivel Steering (ZU561), Red Peony
  • Shark Navigator Upright With Zero-M
  • Under 14 pounds
  • Corded
  • Allergen seal and HEPA filtration
  • Price: See Here!
Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 Upright Vacuum, Blue
  • Shark Navigator Deluxe Upright
  • 13 pounds
  • Corded
  • Anti-allergen seal and HEPA filter
  • Price: See Here!

10 Best Shark Vacuums:

And here they are. These are the best of the best. Read them all, but focus on the category that most closely describes your household’s situation

1. Best Overall: Shark Apex Upright Vacuum


First up is the all-around best Shark vacuum cleaner.

If you took all of the best features that Shark is known for and put them into one really cool vacuum, this is what you’d get.

The powered lift-away takes the idea of convertibility a step further than other vacuums. The canister lifts away so you can get the floor nozzle under furniture.

But there is also a smaller cleaning nozzle that attaches to the canister, so you can carry the whole unit around to clean stairs and furniture. It’s a bit heavy, but it has so much suction!

Do you have pets? Well, there’s no need to shop for a special vacuum. This one has the power to suck up hair, and it also has a special comb that constantly removes hair from the brush. That means you’ll never have to take it apart to cut hair away like you would with inferior vacuums.

Now, this thing is pretty heavy. But that’s the trade-off for so much power. The motor is heavy.

It also has a cord. Some people don’t like that, but you have to look at the advantages before you consider a cord a drawback. It keeps the price down, and it also keeps you from having to worry about running out of battery juice.

It can be a real pain when you get into your cleaning groove, and you have to stop and wait a few hours for your battery to charge.



What Customers Are Saying

People love how complete this vacuum cleaner is. They talk about how it can clean every inch of their home.

They also appreciate how easy it is to use. Many have commented that cleaning has become so easy, and they enjoy using this vacuum.


This is a great vacuum for just about everyone. It combines most of the best features of the entire Shark lineup into one machine.

The all-in-one convenience does make for a higher price. But you should consider this a multi-use cleaning tool, not just a vacuum cleaner. It can clean all of your floors, furniture, stairs, upholstery and even your car, if you use an extension cord.

2. Best For Pet Hair: Shark Navigator Upright With Zero-M And Anti-allergen Technology



Pet owners face special problems when it comes to cleaning their floors. It’s hard to get hair up. When you do get it up, it can get wrapped around the brush. And what about all that dander that you stir up with the vacuum? It can get thrown into the air of your home.

This vacuum solves all of those problems. The brushroll has a special feature that pulls hair out of the brush, and the powerful motor sucks it right into the collection canister.

There’s a special anti-allergen seal around all the places where air can leak. That keeps it all flowing right thought the HEPA filter, which removes 99.9 percent of all allergens.

Not only is this the best for pet hair, but the ease of use and the raw power and versatility make this the best Shark Navigator. It’s a great value whether you have pets or not, but it really shines if you have a lot of fine hairs that you have to fight with when you clean your home.



What Customers Are Saying

Most of the customers who buy this model are pet parents. They were looking for a good vacuum that can get pet hair up out of their carpets, off their bare floors and off of their furniture. They have been pleasantly surprised with their purchase.

According to those who have bought this vacuum, the star of the show is the Zero-M technology. It is what keeps hair from getting wrapped around the brush.

There have been some complaints about this feature not working properly, but this is usually due to something simple and easy to fix, like improper customer assembly.

In rarer cases of a defect in the product’s materials or workmanship, Shark offers a five-year warranty. They will stand behind their product if you experience a problem with this or any other part of the vacuum.


This is the best Shark vacuum for pet hair. It has the suction to pull it up, and it has a special feature that keeps the brush from getting all wrapped up in hair.

It’s been designed to keep pet dander and other allergens inside the vacuum, thanks to the HEPA filter and the special seal that prevents air from leaking around the filter.

If you have pets, you should carefully consider this Shark model.

3. Best Upright: Shark Navigator Deluxe Upright



Sometimes you just need a good affordable vacuum that won’t break your bank. New Shark vacuum reviews are full of people who wanted just that, and found all that they desired in this vacuum.

There are no headlights, special brushes or other fancy bells and whistles here. It’s just a basic vacuum that does an excellent job of cleaning carpet and furniture.

It has a lift-away, but it is not powered. But do you need a powered lift-away? Unless you have to deal with tough pet hair or other hard-to-remove debris, you probably don’t.

But how about saving money? Do you need to do that? Well, you can save well over a hundred dollars and still get the power you need to get your carpet and rugs clean.

One thing that is rather surprising here is the filtration system. You wouldn’t expect a HEPA filter on a vacuum under $200, but you got that here. It even has the special allergen seal that many pet hair vacuums have. That makes this a good choice for households with allergy sufferers.



What Customers Are Saying

Generally speaking, people who bought this one were looking for a basic upright vacuum at a decent price, but they wanted the legendary Shark quality. The general consensus is that this model delivers.

People seem to wish it was a bit lighter, but they don’t complain about it to much.

They like the lift-away and how easy it makes it to clean underneath things. They also rave about the HEPA filter. Some have said that they never expected such great allergen filtration from a vacuum in this price range.

All-in-all, almost everyone who bought this model is happy with it, and they would buy it again if they had the choice.


This is the best Shark upright vacuum cleaner mainly because of its simplicity. But it doesn’t skimp on function. It gets the job done in true Shark form: with plenty of power and just a minimum of effort required on your part.

While you’ll love the simplicity just as much as you’ll love the sweet price, just keep in mind that you will have to use a little muscle to push it if you have a high pile carpet. You don’t have to be He-man, but you’ll need to use some strength.

4. Best Robot: Shark Ion 750 App-controlled Robot Vacuum



Shark makes a few different robot models, but this is the best of the lot. There are many design improvements.

First, this model learns instantly using advanced sensors. It may occasionally bump into a table or other piece of furniture, but it won’t go tumbling down a flight of stairs like its ancestors used to do.

The stiff bristles make it the best Shark vacuum robot for hardwood floors, but it does great on all kinds of carpet and rugs too. Even hair doesn’t slow it down. It features a cool comb-like attachment on the brush assembly that keeps it free of hair and string tangles.

If it’s on a long cleaning mission and needs a charge, it just heads on over to its charging dock and takes a breather. This little bot is almost completely autonomous. The only thing you ever have to do to it is empty the dust bin and change its filter once in a while.



What Customers Are Saying

Who doesn’t like a vacuum that can think for itself?

People love how self-sufficient this robot vacuum is. Online reviewers marvel about how it does not need an elaborate teaching process in order to learn its boundaries within a room. They also like how they can connect and communicate with it from anywhere they have internet access.

It’s not just tech geeks who like it either. Anyone who can use a simple app can own one of these. Everyone really likes that they can set it up so they can come home to a freshly vacuumed floor every day, with no effort required on their part.


If you haven’t looked at robotic vacuum cleaners in a while, you may be surprised to learn about how far they have come. They are now everything that they used to promise to be.

This one in particular is so smart that it doesn’t need to be taught the way older, inferior models do. It learns and adapts in real time.

No matter what kind of flooring you have, if you want a vacuum that does all the floor cleaning for you and asks for very little in return, this may be the wisest purchase you make for your home.

5. Best Cordless: Shark Ion P50 Cordless Upright Vacuum



This is the best Shark cordless vacuum cleaner. It is powerful and versatile enough for anyone with any type of flooring who is looking for a cordless cleaning companion.

Most people who end up buying a cordless vac were wanting the maneuverability of an upright, but they usually have to give up the power and features of a corded model to get it.

Shark heard the complaints of their customers. They had their engineers redesign the motor and hand vac. This, the Shark P50 was born.

You’ll get a decent battery life of about an hour. You’ll also get the convenience of a hand vac, so you can clean your stairs and furniture without having to invest in a separate dust buster.

This vacuum also features Shark’s DuoClean technology, so you’ll be able to go from carpet to hardwood floors without slowing down to make any adjustments.

Do you have pets? If so, you’ll be happy to see that this vac has the same HEPA filter and total allergen seal that some of the Sharks meant for homes with pets have.



What Customers Are Saying

People like that they can now have all the power and awesome features of a corded without giving up the maneuverability and convenience of a cordless model.

They were usually pretty hesitant about making the switch and cutting the cord, but they were impressed that the motor is strong enough to rival that of their old corded vacuum.

Those who have family members with allergies appreciate the filtration system, and they remark about how their allergy symptoms have subsided after a few days of cleaning with this vacuum.

Some people who bought this vac had a cordless model before. We paid close attention to what they said. They were happy with both the performance and the battery life.

Some of them replaced a cordless vacuum that had a battery life of less than 40 minutes. Needless to say, they were happy with up to an hour of cleaning without having to recharge.


Here you have the best Shark cordless vacuum cleaner. If you want the best, and it has to be cordless, you can rest assured that you’ll get what you need when you purchase this vacuum.

6. Best Handheld: Shark WandVac Handheld Vacuum


Some people just prefer to have a separate handheld vacuum, instead of an upright or canister vac with a powered lift-away.

There are some benefits to this. First, you can think less about battery life. You’re using two different machines with their own batteries. You can also have someone help you clean and not fight over who gets to use the vacuum!

When you look for a handheld vacuum, you might as well get the best your money can buy.

This one is the best because it has the most suction of any other out there. It can pick up even the toughest pet hair messes in your home or car.



What Customers Are Saying

It’s safe to say that everyone is impressed with the power of this handheld. Shark vacuum reviews are full of people raving about how it sucks hair and tough dirt right up off of their furniture and out of their cars’ upholstery.

They do wish that they got a bit more run time out of a charge, though. Most understand that powerful motors put a lot of stress on a battery, and they are still happy with their purchase.

But there are some who say they would have gotten something different if they knew that they would only get 15 minutes of cleaning time off a charge.


If you are wanting a very strong handheld vac, this may be the best for you. It has about the same amount of suction as a full-sized upright vacuum. Pet hair is no problem, and neither is heavy soil.

But you have to know that the trade off for all of this power is evident in the run time. It takes over two hours to charge, and you get only about 15 minutes of run time off of that charge.

So if that’s a problem, keep looking. But if it’s power you need, you’ll probably be impressed with this little powerhouse.

7. Best Rotator Model: Shark Rotator TruePet Vacuum Cleaner



Rotator vacuums are supremely maneuverable. That’s why they’re so popular. But many who go looking for a good rotator vac find themselves settling for something else because they can’t find one with all the other features they want. Pet owners, especially, often are let down.

Enter the Shark Rotator TruePet. It swivels like other rotators, but it is packed with the other things that make cleaning easy.

It has the HEPA filtration and the special seal that makes other Sharks so useful for pet owners. It also has features a powered lift-away with a special motorized brush. These things alone make this vacuum stand out from the other rotators available today.

Shark vacuum cleaner reviews are full of pet owners that like how well this vac sucks pet hair up from their carpet, hardwood and furniture, but what about everyone else?

Well, everyone who has a lot of above-the-floor cleaning to do loves the powerful lift-away and how easy it is to switch from bare floors to carpet.



What Customers Are Saying

We like to read reviews from people who say this is their first rotator vacuum cleaner. It’s so entertaining. They are simply amazed!

They love how it is almost effortless to turn on a dime. But their amazement doesn’t end with the swivel steering.

The raw suction power of this model was enough to make some people buy this cool vac. But anyone who has to clean up pet hair is impressed with how even the finest cat hair comes up on the first pass.

We paid special attention to allergy sufferers. They often have to settle for bulky vacuums so they can get the HEPA filtration they need. But they are happy that they can finally have an easy-to-push rotator with the allergen control that they have to have.


This is the best rated Shark vacuum. Pet owners, hardwood floor owners and those who live in multi-story homes all have reasons why it is their favorite.

As far as maneuverability goes, this is the easiest to use upright in its class. It’ll also make your home’s air cleaner, thanks to the special filtration system.

Sure, it’s a bit heavy. But it is the best rated and most useful rotator on the market today.

8. Best Stick: Shark Apex DuoClean Stick Vacuum


It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t like stick vacuums. They are light and easy to carry around, even up and down stairs.

They used to be almost worthless. They had little power and a very short battery life. The only thing good about them was their lightness and ease of use.

Times have changed. Shark has revolutionized the stick vacuum by catching the technology up with heavier uprights.

Take this stick for example. It combines the feather weight of the traditional stick with many of the features you find in uprights that weight over 13 pounds.

And this is one of the only sticks that we would recommend to a pet owner. It actually has the Zero-M anti-wrap technology that Shark pet hair vacs have!



What Customers Are Saying

Customers who were looking for a light vacuum and those who were looking for performance are equally impressed with their choice.

One review we studied was written by a salon owner who used this vac to clean hair from her salon’s tile floor. She talked about how she never needed to take the vacuum apart to untangle long hair the way she did with her previous vacuum cleaner.

There were also many reviews by people who love the way they can carry it up and down stairs with one hand. It’s that light and portable.

One feature that is particularly loved by those who have owned other stick vacuums is the LED headlights. They give off the perfect amount of light to make dust and dirt stand out.


Shark makes the best stick vacuums, and this is the best stick they make. If you want a stick, this is the best one available.

And you don’t have to shy away from it if you have pets or long-haired people in your home. It’s tangle-free brush means you won’t have to constantly cut hair away from the brushroll.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t have the efficient HEPA filtration that other Shark vacs have. If that is important to you, you may want to keep looking. We’d recommend a Shark designed for those with allergies.

9. Best For Small Spaces: Shark Rocket DuoClean Ultra-light Cordless Vacuum



Most ultra-light vacuum are cordless for the weight savings. but they end up trading power for the reduction in weight. They also often lack the features that make regular vacuum so easy to use and effective for picking up multiple kinds of dirt.

This one has all the power you need to clean up any kind of mess from any type of floor.
It converts from high-pile carpet to hardwood and vinyl with the flick of a switch.

Floors aren’t the only thing it excels at cleaning. Above-the-floor cleaning is also easy. It converts to a handheld vac for cleaning stairs, furniture and upholstery in less than 10 seconds.

All that, and it also has that fantastic tool on the brushroll that continuously removes hair from the brush. That makes it good for pets. It’s also a great feature to have if you have several area rugs.

You know how they can sometimes shed those long strings? They won’t get tangled around the brush either.

Furthermore, we made comparison Hoover vs Shark , perhaps it will be interested for you!



What Customers Are Saying

Everyone loves how light this thing is! And that’s not only those who have to lug it around their house. Even people who live in apartments and dorms like that it is easy to push around.

Anyone who has ever had to take a vacuum apart to untangle hair from the brush likes the Zer0-M technology. It saves time and wear on the motor.

Shark vacuum reviews show that almost everyone who made this purchase is still happy with it years after they bought it. There were even a few mentions of the warranty.

Some have had some problems after a couple years of use, but they were pleasantly surprised to learn that they have a warranty that stretches seven years after the initial purchase.


This light little vacuum is small enough to get under furniture, in corners and in other small spaces. But it won’t let you down in the power department.

It also has the cool hair wrap tool, so having a pet won’t be a disqualifier.

If you want a small and strong vacuum to get in all those hard-to-reach areas of your home, take a good look at this one.

10. Best Lightweight: Shark Ninja X40 Cordless Vacuum



Lightweight vacuums are all the rage today, thanks to the advancing technology that makes cramming all that power into smaller packages.

What you need to look for when you go shopping for a light vacuum is power and the ability to do all the cleaning that you need done.

This vacuum has plenty of power for sucking up dirt. It’ll clean carpet just as well as a heavier, corded vac. It can also go from carpet to bare floors easily. In fact, this is probably the best lightweight for laminate flooring because of the DuoClean technology.

The one brushroll has the brush for carpet and the microfiber padding for hardwood, vinyl and laminate.

It doesn’t have the Zero-M hair wrap feature or the HEPA filtration, so it probably isn’t best for homes with pets.



What Customers Are Saying

Everyone is happy with the weight. That makes sense, because it is one of the lightest vacuums in its class.

Many have remarked about its power, as well. Not long ago, lightweight meant weak. That isn’t the case anymore, as many online reviews can attest.

We paid careful attention to reviews from people with bare floors, since lightweight vacuums often lack the power needed to get dirt and debris up from this type of flooring.

But those with hardwood and other smooth floors typically remark about how the strong suction, along with the DuoClean brushroll, really gets their floors sparkling and clean.


This is the best lightweight vacuum cleaner. It is easy to tote around your home.

It has plenty of power. You can easily clean any type of flooring that you may have.

It’s also great as a hand vac. You can use it to get your stairs, furniture and automobile nice and clean.

All in all, this model has all the features that people who are looking for a lightweight vacuum cleaner can want. It’s not the best for pet owners or those with bad allergies, though, because of the lack of hair wrap technology and HEPA filtration.

If you fall into one of those categories, you’ll likely have to look at heavier vacuums.

Tips For Choosing The Best Shark Vacuum

We want you to choose the best for you out of the many different types of Shark vacuum cleaner that are on the market.

Get one that’s best for the type of cleaning you normally do

You’ve noticed that we categorized each vacuum we’ve reviewed based on what it’s the best at.

It’s important to shop for a vacuum that excels at the type of cleaning you need it for. For example, get one that’s good for pet hair if you have pets. If you have a lot of furniture, you may want the best cordless model. That way you don’t have to keep fussing with a cord getting wrapped around your furniture’s legs.

Get the style you want

A stick vac is best for people who have to lug their cleaning supplies up stairs. Robot vacs are great for anyone who doesn’t have time to vacuum their homes. Vacuum cleaners with that awesome HEPA filter and special allergy seal are ideal for homes that have allergy problems.

Choosing the right style of vacuum cleaner for your home is crucial if you want to get the best. You have to get one that can do what you need it to do with the efficiency to get it done in the least amount of time possible.

Ease-of-use is important

Do you remember those old, heavy clunky canister vacuums of years gone by? They were so hard to use and move around by today’s standards. But there are still some heavy vacuum out there. What’s worse is some of them are just as hard to use.

Check out how easy it is to switch between flooring types and how difficult it is to use the attachments. You don’t want a vacuum that takes a college degree to operate.

Effectiveness is crucial

Obviously, you want a vacuum that is effective at cleaning. Suction factors into this, and so does the brushroll. For carpets, make sure it has a good brush. For bare floors, it has to have a soft pad. If you have both types of flooring, go for a Shark with DuoClean.

We talk a lot about pet hair. There’s a good reason for that. Hair is hard to get up. If you have pets, get a vacuum with Zero-M technology. That keeps hair from getting tangled on the brush.

Think about power

More is better. But more power also translates into a heavier weight and a higher cost. You need to find the right balance.

It is best to err on the side of power. An extra pound or ten extra dollars isn’t going to be a major inconvenience, but having a vacuum that doesn’t have enough power will be very frustrating.

Watch the weight

This is a no-brainer. Lighter vacuums are easier to use. Good vacuums range anywhere from about eight pounds to almost twenty.

It all depends on the power and accessories you need. Get the lightest vacuum that still has the power and features you want

Vacuum with a big enough dust bin

How much dirt do you pick up in a single cleaning? That is a big factor in how large of a dust bin you need. If you don’t vacuum that often, or if you get up a lot of dirt when you do, you need a big bin. Try something about a quart in size.

If you can get by with a smaller dust bin, you can probably get away with a smaller and lighter vacuum. That’s why you should think about the size of the dust bin when you shop for your new vacuum.


Accessories can add a lot to the cost of a vacuum. But they can make your cleaning so much quicker and more effective. Choosing a vacuum with the accessories you need, but none of the ones you don’t need, will assure you get the best vacuum without having to spend more than you need to.

Crevice tools are great for cleaning autos and furniture. And a powered lift-away can really get your stairs and upholstery clean. Check out our comparison table to see which Shark vacuum has everything you need.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying The Shark Vacuum

What is DuoClean technology?

DuoClean is basically a dual-purpose brushroll. It has a standard brush for getting soil and hair off and out of carpet, and it also has a microfiber pad that cleans and buffs hardwood and other types of bare flooring.

DuoClean is great for people who have two or more different types of flooring in their homes.

What is Zero-M technology?

This is the feature found on some Shark vacuums that keep hair and long strings from getting wrapped around the brushroll.

Imagine a tool that looks somewhat like a comb situated by the brushroll. It constantly grabs hair from the brush and frees it up so it can be sucked into the collection bin.

This is a feature you should look for if you have pets with long hair. You won’t have to take the guard off of the vacuum to untangle the brush if your vacuum has this useful feature.

What is a rotator vacuum?

A rotator vacuum swivels where the upright part of it meets the part that rolls across the floor. Shark pioneered this design, and all of the best rotator vacuums today are made by Shark. Shark navigator models, even those that aren’t advertised as rotators, make use of this technology to some degree.

A rotator can be a good choice in any situation, but its benefits really shine in crowded areas.

Should I get a bagless or bag model?

Bagless models can save you money on bags. They can also make cleaning easier, because you can just empty the dust bin if you notice a reduction in power.

Vacuums that collect dirt in bags do have an advantage, though. There is no chance of dust flying around when you empty it. The bag comes out and goes directly into the trash. There is no need to empty the dirt out.


Shark makes some of the best vacuum available on the market today. They have pioneered many of the technologies and designs that other manufacturers copy. But the original is usually the best, and that holds true in this case as well.

Shark vacuum cleaner reviews are perhaps the best testament to the brand’s quality and value. That’s why we used them so frequently in our research for this post.

Now that you have seen our reviews of all the best Sharks in their respective categories and read about the important factors to consider before going out and buying your own, you are in a great position to make the best possible choice.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and use your new knowledge to get your new Shark before you start to forget everything you just learned!

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