The 10 Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners for Elderly in 2021

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Last updated on May 2nd, 2022

Last updated on May 2nd, 2022

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A clean home is a necessity for an elderly individual. It means having fewer trip-and-fall hazards as well as being friendlier for people with respiratory ailments.

Part of that cleanliness requires regular vacuuming. An elderly person who s living in a facility such as the ones that can be found at websites similar to or living with their children might not have to worry about keeping their living space clean or vacuuming. However, this chore isn’t easy for people who may live on their own and could have mobility issues and arthritis. This makes it imperative to identify the best lightweight vacuum for elderly consumers.

The most lightweight vacuum cleaner ensures enhanced maneuverability. Not only is it likely to glide more easily across floors but also it is light enough to be picked up and moved without difficulty.

We researched dozens of lightweight vacuum cleaners, identifying 10 of the best. Intensive testing reveals that these models are light, maneuverable and powerful, making them fantastic choices for elderly consumers.

A variety of price points, power sources and model types are discussed. Within all of these options, there’s bound to be at least one that’s perfect for your needs.

Our Recommended Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners

ROOMIE TEC Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 2 in 1 Handheld Vacuum, High-Power 2200mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery, with Corner Lighting and Upright Charging Base
  • ROOMIE TEC Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 2 in 1
  • 12.01 x 9.06 x 44.49 in
  • 4.5 lbs
  • Cordless
  • Price: See Here!
Eureka NEU180B Lightweight Powerful Upright, Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner for Home, Graphite
  • Eureka NEU180B Lightweight Powerful Upright
  • 13.4 x 13.78 x 44.5 in
  • 10 lbs
  • Bagless
  • Price: See Here!
Eureka PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Lite, Blue
  • Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed Lightweight Bagless Upright
  • 13.4 x 14 x 44.5 in
  • 10 lbs
  • Bagless
  • Price: See Here!

10 Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners for Elderly:

1. ROOMIE TEC Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 2 in 1

The innovative design of this cordless vacuum cleaner is really eye-catching. It looks like a space-age innovation with its sleek profile, and the way that it operates as both an upright and a handheld vac is tough to beat.

These features and others make it the best vacuum cleaner for senior citizens. With the touch of one button, it is possible to switch from using this as a stick vacuum to a handheld vacuum. There’s also a crevice tool for getting into those small spaces.

This unit boasts powerful suction with its two high-powered motors. The entire vacuum is powered by a 2200mAh lithium battery that promises as much as 23 minutes of cleaning on one charge.

These small lightweight vacuum cleaners are equipped with six LED lights so that users can see into corners and under furniture with ease. This ROOMIE TEC vacuum has two operating modes. The ECO Mode is suitable for wood, laminate and tile while the MAX Mode is perfect for carpets and rugs.

Priced at less than $85, this vacuum is an excellent value as well. The entire unit weighs a slender 4.5 pounds, with the handheld vacuum weighing just over two pounds by itself.

Reviews praise this vacuum for being one of the lightest on the market today. If this is a top concern for you or a loved one, then this could be the ideal solution. 

Moreover, people who have used this vacuum say that it picks up pet hair easily, has excellent suction power and is easy to navigate around tight places.

Critics mention that the light weight of the vacuum comes at a price, namely, a small dust cup. This means that you’ll have to empty that cup frequently



If you’re on the lookout for one of the lightest vacuums on the market, then this product will work for you.

2. Eureka NEU180B Lightweight Powerful Upright

Lightweight vacuum cleaner reviews suggest that this model is an excellent choice for consumers who are looking for a more traditional vacuum. It tips the scales at just 10 pounds, making it fairly easy to carry around the house.

What’s more, Eureka is a well-known and trusted name in the vacuum industry. Their experience shows in the features on this unit. It’s equipped with five height-adjustment settings so that it can clean hardwood floors and heavy pile carpets with the same ease.

Additionally, these lightweight vacuum cleaners for the elderly have a 2.6-liter dust cup. That’s large enough so that it likely won’t have to be emptied after every use. 

The presence of the dust cup also is good news because it means that there’s no need to worry about obtaining and changing debris bags.

This Eureka model comes with accessories such as a dusting brush, upholstery tool and an extra-long crevice tool to make this a versatile home appliance. Equipped with a washable filter, there’s never a need to worry about buying parts for this vacuum.

Powerful and efficient, this model is popular in many homes. Users praise it for how easy it is to maintain with just a dust cup to empty and a reusable filter to rinse. 

Remarks suggest that this vacuum is designed well and that some people now find themselves looking forward to vacuuming instead of dreading it.

However, some critics wish that this vacuum came with some kind of extender for the hose so that they could reach higher places in their homes.



If you prefer a traditional upright vacuum cleaner that won’t break the bank and doesn’t weigh much, this Eureka model is ideal.

3. Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed Lightweight Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to lightweight upright vacuum cleaners for the elderly, this one is a genuine bargain. It’s priced at less than $63, yet you don’t have to sacrifice anything in terms of power and performance.

One of the most attractive features of this vacuum is its massive 4.1-liter dust cup. This means less time spent emptying the cup and more time spent cleaning.

Weighing just 10 pounds, this Eureka vacuum is easy to maneuver. It features a 12.6″ wide cleaning path so that it can clean more of the floor in less time.

Several accessories are included onboard. A stretch hose lets you clean above the floor, and attachments such as a crevice tool, upholstery tool and dusting brush ensure that you can clean just about anything in the house. 

The handle features a quick release so that you have the reach you need when cleaning above the floor.

With five height-adjustment settings, this model can handle anything from the tile to shag carpets are cleaned. Like the other Eureka vacuum in this review, this one has a washable filter that can be used again and again.

Reviewers suggest that even people who suffer from back pain likely will have no difficulty using this vacuum because it is so light and maneuverable. Plus, they say that it’s an excellent value at this price point.

A few critics talk about how noisy the operation of this vacuum is, which may be a deterrent to some consumers.



The inexpensive yet powerful Eureka NEU182A is a desirable solution for the budget-conscious person who is seeking a lightweight vacuum.

4. Black+Decker Ultra Light Weight Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Priced at less than $85, this is another option that won’t break the bank. Plus, it’s from Black+Decker, so you’re assured of reliable quality. This also may be the best lightweight vacuum cleaner for carpets because it’s so powerful.

Another selling point for this vacuum cleaner is the fact that it weighs just 8.8 pounds. It features swivel steering for enhanced maneuverability and a two-liter dust cup.

The swivel steering comes from Black+Decker’s Airswivel technology. While other swiveling models require two motors, this version needs only one, which provides enhanced maneuverability.

The ergonomic handle is easy on wrists and hands that may be arthritic. Also of note is the lack of maintenance cost. This vacuum doesn’t need bags, and its filters are washable.

This corded vacuum has accessories such as a small brush and a crevice tool, both of which easily attach to the hose for above the floor cleaning. While this model excels on carpets, it is just as safe and suitable for use on hard floors.

When consumers purchase this vacuum cleaner, they receive a one-year limited warranty. The attached hose is 6.5 feet long while the power cord is 20 feet long.

Consumers who own this model say that it makes their homes feel like new again. They love that the vacuum feels so small and portable, yet users never feel like they are sacrificing anything in terms of power and functionality. The swivel feature is much appreciated by many people.

A few critics do warn that this vacuum may be difficult to use on carpets with a thick pile because the suction is so powerful. This may be an issue for some elderly consumers.



This Black+Decker upright vacuum is a tremendous value for elderly people who are looking for an appliance with powerful suction.

5. Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum

Weighing in at seven pounds, this model is bound to appeal to many users. It’s warranted never to lose power or suction, and the manufacturer claims that it works equally well on bare floors and carpets.

These lightweight vacuums with strong suction are designed for floor to ceiling cleaning. A fingertip control makes it easy to switch from carpet to hard floor and back again. With swivel steering, this is an extremely maneuverable machine.

One of the main selling features of this stick vacuum is that it can easily be converted to a hand-held vacuum for extra versatility. Storage is similarly versatile as you can use either a wall mount or the bottom of the wand of the hand-held vac.

Many people actually prefer this corded model to one that is rechargeable. It’s a particularly useful feature for those that live in large homes and have pets. Reviews also praise the low profile of this vacuum, which makes it easy to get beneath most furniture.

Nonetheless, some users have a problem with emptying the dust cup. They say it’s difficult to do so without causing a mess.



The Shark Rocket Ultra Light really lives up to its name and the brand’s reputation.

6. Oreck Commercial XL Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This Oreck Commercial XL model definitely has a retro look, but the best lightweight hoover reviews suggest that it is one of the finest on the market. It boasts a 12-inch cleaning path and is designed to clean hard floors and carpets with low pile.

One of the most attractive features of this vacuum is the Helping Hand handle. It is the recipient of the Ease-of-Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation. The on/off button is located on the handle, which makes it incredibly easy and convenient to use.

This model makes automatic floor adjustments so that manual adjustments are never needed. Thanks to side-edge brushes, it’s possible to get up close to walls without missing a speck of dirt. 

Helpfully, the vacuum handle can be brought down almost parallel with the floor to reach under low-profile furniture.

The 35-foot long cord is a huge advantage, as is the top-fill inner bag, which is easy to change.

Without a doubt, this vacuum has some very devoted fans. Many say that they have had this model for years and that it is still going strong. They find it hard to believe that something so lightweight can be so incredibly powerful. Comments also are made about how easy it is to maintain.

About the only complaint associated with this product is the lack of accessories or attachments. Most people solve this by purchasing a hand vac.



This old-school Oreck is a tremendous value that will last for a lifetime.

7. Black+Decker Ultra Light Weight AIRSWIVEL

With a weight of 9.1 pounds, swivel steering and a dust cup capacity of two liters, this is the best lightweight vacuum cleaner for elderly consumers.

The handle is ergonomic, making it comfortable for people with arthritis and other mobility issues to use. Thanks to bagless operation and washable filters, there is virtually no cost to maintain this model.

This particular Black+Decker vacuum may be especially useful in homes with pets as it has a pet hair tool plus a pet hair brush attachment. As it comes with a power cord, this vacuum can be used until the entire house is clean without any problem.

Other features of note include the clear-view nozzle window and this vacuum’s suitability for both carpets and hard floors. This model is equipped with Black+Decker’s proprietary Airswivel technology to ensure effortless maneuverability.

The cord is 30-feet long, the hose is 10-feet long and the cleaning path is 12 inches. Also, this product includes a one-year limited warranty.

Reviews suggest that this vacuum is powerful and easy to use. People love the various attachments, and they say that the ability of this vacuum to pick up pet hair is nothing short of remarkable.

A few critics do suggest that people who have carpets with a heavy pile may want to look elsewhere.9



This Black+Decker model is a tremendous value for the bargain-conscious shopper.

8. Shark HV380 Stick Vacuum

This pick for the best vacuum for elderly consumers features Shark’s Duo Clean Technology. Essentially, this consists of two brush rolls spinning together for the ultimate clean.

Also included is Shark’s Triple Particle Cleaning technology, which means that this vacuum cleaner is advertised as being able to pick up even the smallest, stuck-on particles on the floor. 

This is considered an ultra-lightweight model at less than 10 pounds. Moreover, it can quickly and easily be converted to a hand vac.

The Shark HV380 can be purchased for less than $160 and includes three attachments. These are a dusting brush, an upholstery tool and a crevice tool. The onboard accessory storage clip ensures that everything is at your disposal right when you need it.

Users praise this model’s ability to switch from hard floors to carpets. This is accomplished with the power switch, which has two positions. 

One is for the roller and low speed for hard floors while the other is for the roller and high speed for carpets. The LED light is a big help for seeing what still needs to be cleaned.

Perhaps the most common complaint associated with this vacuum is its inability to stand on its own.



The Shark stick vacuum is quick and easy to use, making it perfect for older consumers.

9. Oreck Commercial, Professional Upright Vacuum Cleaner, U2000RB1

Priced at just under $180, this is not the most economical entry on this list. Nonetheless, it boasts excellent features that anyone who is looking for a lightweight vacuum will appreciate.

One thing that is particularly advantageous for the elderly is this vacuum’s ability to automatically detect whether it’s on a hard or carpeted floor. 

This means that it’s not necessary to turn a knob or push a button each time the surface changes. That can be extremely valuable for anyone who has arthritis or other mobility issues.

Perhaps even more attractive is this Oreck’s Helping Hand handle, which has been endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation. The on/off button is located on the handle, and it is operated with the slightest pressure, making it perfect for senior citizens. 

More than one person who uses this vacuum cleaner remarks on how simple and straightforward this feature is.

The Oreck is equipped with double helix brushes that turn at an astonishing 6,500 RPMs to pick up everything in their 12″ cleaning path. It’s a commercial-grade vacuum so you know that you can rely on it for the long haul. 

This also means that it has extra-powerful suction so you can trust it to pick up every bit of debris.

With a weight of about nine pounds, this vacuum is perfectly maneuverable and will fit with ease under most furniture. This model does use a bag, so that is something to be aware of as far as maintenance is concerned.

In reviews, people say that this vacuum is a tremendous value. It may be a bit more expensive, but its performance is second-to-none. People also love the Endurobelt on this vacuum, especially since this is likely the first component to fail on most vacuums. However, this one can last five years or longer.

The only real problem mentioned in reviews is the lack of a retractable cord. Because the cord is so long, it takes a while to manually wind it up.



This Oreck commercial-grade model belongs in your home if you’re looking the ultimate in power and lightweight maneuverability.

10. Shark Navigator Freestyle Upright Stick Cordless Bagless Vacuum

The Shark Navigator is capable of handling both carpet and hard floors with equal aplomb. Elderly users will appreciate that this model can switch between modes for different floor types with the use of a step-on button. 

This means that no bending over is required. Moreover, this is a fantastic feature for those who have arthritic fingers.

Lightweight vacuum cleaners for the elderly must be easily maneuverable, and that is one area in which the Shark Navigator excels. It is quite capable of getting into small, tight spaces without a fuss, and it glides across the floor with virtually no effort being required.

Also of note on this model is the extra-large dust cup. Such a feature means that more time is spent cleaning without having to worry about emptying the unit every few minutes. This is especially valuable for those who have a great deal of square footage to cover.

Also worth mentioning is the Navigator’s ability to pick up pet hair. People who have dogs and cats will love how this vacuum is able to suck up every last bit of fur, leaving surfaces spotless.

Many people who have tried this vacuum have high praise for it. They love the swivel technology that makes this model so easy to move around and enhances its ability to get beneath the furniture. 

Several also remark that they are able to vacuum their entire house on a single charge. Praise for the lack of a cord also is common.

Nonetheless, there are occasional criticisms of the positioning of the on/off button. It’s placed at the front of the machine so when vacuuming beneath low objects, such as getting to the floor in front of a dishwasher, the vacuum can accidentally turn off. 

It’s easy to imagine how this could become really inconvenient.



The Shark Navigator scores high marks for efficiency, durability and overall cleaning ability.

Tips for Choosing the Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners for the Elderly

A quality vacuum cleaner is an essential appliance for keeping any home clean and livable. While a younger person may have fewer considerations for their own vacuum cleaner choices, there are additional factors to think about when purchasing a vacuum cleaner for an older person

Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner FAQs

Are lightweight vacuum cleaners powerful?

Technology has improved to such a degree that even a seven- or eight-pound vacuum cleaner is capable of astonishing power. The reduced weight of the unit is not what makes it more or less powerful. Instead, it is the power source and the motor size that make the difference.

Can I get a lightweight vacuum cleaner with a cord?

A variety of vacuum cleaners that weigh less than 10 pounds are powered by a cord. To many consumers, this is advantageous. This may be because they have a large house to clean or because they appreciate that corded vacuum cleaners tend to be more powerful than cordless models.

Another advantage of a corded lightweight vacuum cleaner is that it probably has a larger dust cup.

While a cord can be desirable, it’s also worth considering that the cord can be a trip hazard. If an elderly person is prone to falls, then a cordless model may be the better option.

Are lightweight vacuums easier to maneuver?

Most elderly people look for a lightweight vacuum cleaner because it’s easier to carry around. This is helpful in homes that have stairs. However, lightweight vacuum cleaners also are designed to be sleek and maneuverable, often with swivel technology.

This means that it’s easy to move the vacuum cleaner around on all surfaces. It’s still necessary to be aware that the suction power on these models is so powerful that moving them across thick carpet can be a challenge. 

It’s best to test the vacuum cleaner before buying to make certain that it’s performance is appropriate.

Making the Decision

With these lightweight vacuum cleaner reviews, we’ve highlighted some of the best models on the market. Each one weighs less than 10 pounds and features excellent maneuverability.

These vacuum cleaners range from sticks to uprights. Some have attachments while others do not. Still others can be converted from a stick to a hand-held vacuum. In short, this list boasts tremendous variety, which suggests that there are numerous features to consider.

By weighing your own issues with mobility, balance and joint function, you can choose a lightweight vacuum cleaner that’s perfectly suitable

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