The 10 Best Cordless Carpet & Floor Sweepers of 2021

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Last updated on January 25th, 2021

Last updated on January 25th, 2021

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Cordless floor and carpet sweepers make daily cleaning a breeze. While many cordless sweepers are intended to replace a broom on your hard floors, most designs today work with carpet as well. 

These helpful household appliances will benefit any household. We compiled a list of the best cordless sweepers available.

We researched floor sweepers to find the best battery operated carpet & floor sweepers on the market. We analyzed each of these sweepers for durability, accessories and cost among other factors.

These cordless sweeper reviews will give you the details and information you need to make an informed decision on which one will work best for your needs.

10 Best Cordless Sweepers:

1. Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo Rechargeable Carpet Cordless Sweeper

Bissell is known for making some of the best cordless sweepers for hardwood floors.

While this sweeper requires a 14-hour charge out of the box, it has up to 60 minutes of cordless cleaning time and an easy to remove dirt container to clean when you are done sweeping.

This is a great sweeper for people with young children or pets. Picks up small trash, cat litter and pet hair easily during regular everyday use.

People love that it is easy to use and keep clean.




This is a great cordless sweeper for the price and will keep your house clean on a regular basis between deep cleanings.

2. Ontel Swivel Cordless Sweeper Max

Ontel gets great cordless floor sweeper reviews for its simplicity and affordability. 

This great little sweeper is lightweight and will make cleaning a breeze.

This slim sweeper is cordless, rechargeable and has four brushes on all sides to clean along edges and corners easily. 

It also works on low-pile carpeting to get surface dust.

Many people are loyal fans of this sweeper because of how easy it is to use and recharge and the affordable price.

 Customers love the 360-degree swivel and the edge cleaning brushes.




This affordable sweeper will be a welcome addition to your home appliances. You can pick up crumbs, pet hair and dust easily for a thorough clean.

3. Shark Ultra-Light Cordless 13-Inch Rechargeable Floor & Carpet Cordless Sweeper

One of the best cordless carpet sweepers is the Shark Ultra-Light. This powerhouse of a sweeper is durable and powerful.

With the Shark Ultra-Light, you get a sturdy plastic sweeper with a metal handle and a plastic grip at the top. 

The handle bends in the middle to be able to easily reach under furniture and hard to reach areas. 

This rechargeable sweeper has two speeds and an edge cleaning squeegee to grab debris along edges.

Customers are surprised to see how much dirt and pet hair this sweeper picks up. They appreciate that it is large and still lightweight while not compromising cleaning power.




The Shark Ultra-Light is a great design for a cordless sweeper. With the edge cleaning squeegee and the bendable handle, you can easily clean most hard to reach areas.

4. Black+Decker HFS115J10 Lithium Floor Cordless Sweeper

Another option on our list of battery operated sweeper reviews is the Black+Decker Lithium Floor Sweeper. 

This durable, hard plastic sweeper is lightweight and powerful.

This sweeper is made of durable plastic with a metal handle. 

There are three brushes on the front and each side of the sweeper to reach into corners and next to edges. 

The sweeper also has a built-in LED light to show the battery status.

People love the product for the price. While this is not for heavy duty cleaning, this sweeper will easily clean up dry spills quickly. Customers say this is perfect for touch-up cleaning.




You will love this cordless sweeper for light duty clean up on hard flooring and carpet.

5. Bissell Easy Sweep Cordless Rechargeable Cordless Sweeper

Bissell makes one of the best cordless floor sweepers available. 

This lightweight cordless sweeper is perfect for picking up crumbs, dirt and pet hair.

This sweeper has a metal swivel handle for easy maneuvering on floors, rugs and low-pile carpet. 

The dirt container opens from the bottom so you won’t get messy cleaning it out.

Frequent users of this sweeper love how easy it is to clean up small expected spills or even for everyday use. The swivel arm allows you to clean in any direction and they say that this is far better than using an old fashioned broom and dustpan.




If you are looking for an affordable, lightweight sweeper to use for spot sweeping, this is the perfect cordless sweeper for you.

6. OnTel Products SWSMAX Max Cordless Sweeper

Next on our list of rechargeable floor sweeper reviews is the Swivel Sweeper Max. 

This affordable sweeper is small but packs a punch with brushes that spin at 4000 rpm.

This hard plastic sweeper has a metal handle that lays flat for cleaning under tables, couches and other furniture. 

There are brushes on all four sides of this sweeper to get into corners and the bristles detach so you can easily clean them.

People say that this is the perfect sweeper for quick clean ups and they love that the bristles detach in case hair gets caught up in them.




For an affordable and lightweight sweeper, you get a lot of power and options. The removable bristles are easy to clean so this sweeper will last you a long time without getting blocked up.

7. Speedy Sweep Cordless Sweeper Rechargeable Floor

One of the most powerful machines in our cordless sweeper reviews is the Speedy Sweep. 

This commercially designed sweeper will work for any environment from work to home.

This ultra-lightweight sweeper uses commercial batteries for the longest running time available and the rubber wheels are designed to protect hard floors like wood or linoleum.

One customer said they appreciate that using the Speedy Sweep once a day for just a few minutes means that they only have to pull out their big vacuum once a month.




If you are looking for a powerful cordless sweeper that will run for a long time and won’t scratch your floors, this is the one for you!

8. Karcher KB5 Cordless Sweeper

This cordless electric carpet sweeper is one of the best on our list. 

With its sleek design and auto-start system, this sweeper not only looks good but also works like a dream.

The Karcher has an auto-start system that works by simply pulling the handle back. 

The sweeper stores in the upright position and when you pull back the handle it automatically starts running.

Customers love that this is easy to use and store. They say that it is great for people with back problems.




For an easy to use sweeper that is durable and stylish, the Karcher KB5 is a great weapon to add to your cleaning arsenal.

9. Shark V2930 Cordless Sweeper Rechargeable Floor

One of the best rechargeable cordless sweepers is the Shark V2930. 

The slim design of this sweeper carries a powerful motor for quick clean up.

The Shark has a 10-inch cleaning path width and a no-touch bagless dust container so you can easily empty it without getting messy. 

The handle folds back to easily reach under furniture and the swivel handle makes it easy to move around.

Customers have purchased multiples of this sweeper to share with family members because they love it so much. 

They say that it is the perfect sweeper to spot clean and like that they can clean without being attached to a cord.




This cordless sweeper is powerful and great for reaching under furniture and other low areas. With the powerful motor and rechargeable battery, this sweeper will last you for years of cleaning.

10. Light 'n' Easy Rechargeable Electric Cordless Sweeper

This powerful sweeper has an ergonomic handle for ease of use. With long battery life and durable bristles, this sweeper will quickly become your favorite cleaning appliance.

The handle rotates 360 degrees so you can glide around furniture and the double spiral brushes spin at 6500 rpm for fast and easy cleaning. 

The special handle has an upright standing lock so you can stand the sweeper upright when in storage or if you are in the middle of sweeping and the phone rings.

People say that you can completely ditch your broom and dustpan, this little sweeper is all you need.




This device is more expensive than many of these cordless carpet sweeper reviews, but it is well worth your money.

Tips on Choosing the Best Cordless Sweepers

Finding a quality cordless sweeper can make your life so much easier. Of course, there are a number of factors that you want to look into when making your decision on which sweeper to buy.

While each person will have their own preferences, here are a few things to consider when you are looking for a cordless sweeper:

  • Size and weight: If you are looking for an easy to carry sweeper you may want one that is more lightweight. If you are looking for a sweeper that will cover more surface area you may want to go with a bigger one.
  • Dust container: Some dust containers are harder to empty than others. If you want to empty your dust container without getting messy, look for one with a bottom-loading dust tray or a magnetic dust tray for ease of use.
  • Accessories: Some sweepers come with extra bristles, removable bristles, a special hair-cutter to remove knotted up hair, foot activated on/off switches and more. Look into the accessories and extras on each sweeper before you choose.
  • Available warranty: Some of the sweepers on this list come with warranties and some don’t. If a warranty is important to you be sure to check for one before you make the purchase.
  • Cost: While most of the sweepers on this list are fairly comparably priced, some outliers are in the more expensive range and others are less expensive. While more expensive sweepers tend to be better, that is not always the case so be sure to check reviews as well.

Every sweeper on this list is worth a glance, and there is sure to be a sweeper on this list that will work for you. Whether you prefer a lightweight sweeper or think that a warranty is more important, be sure to take these factors into account.

And if you don’t need an electric cleaner, check out our review on best brooms for tile floors.


This list of battery operated sweeper reviews is sure to have something to help you with cleaning around the house. 

Having a cordless sweeper allows you to spot clean without pulling out the vacuum or having to use a broom and dustpan. Or you can use your cordless sweeper daily to postpone having to vacuum as regularly.

While all the sweepers on this list have something to offer, there are different aspects and add-ons to certain ones. Be sure to list your priorities and choose accordingly.

Regardless of what features you are looking for, you can greatly benefit from one of the sweepers on this list. Throw out your broom and start today!

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