The 10 Best Central Vacuum Systems in 2023 Reviews

Did you know that you can install a centralized vacuum system in your home? Depending on your residence’s layout, it’s very easy to use the right tools. Or maybe you stay in a home that already has PVC pipes installed for central vacuum systems.

Having installed various units, I’ve grown to learn which brands fair the best in terms of usability and power. This article will detail the best central vacuum system products online today, along with detailed buying tips at the end.

If you’re looking for one, use the information provided to help narrow down your pick. Let’s get started!

Our Top 3 Central Vacuums

  • OVO Heavy Duty Powerful Central Vacuum System
  • Wattage: 700 Air Watts
  • Dimensions: 12.52 x 12.91 x 30.2 inches
  • Covers up to 9000 square feet area
  • Warranty: 10 years warranty.

10 Best Central Vacuum System Reviews:

1. OVO Heavy Duty Powerful Central Vacuum System

The OVO is the best central vacuum system for people with old PVC pipes. If you’re in a new home with pipes that have been installed recently, it can still be of good use, however.

But it’s suction power is efficient enough to clear away buildup in the pipes, along with getting the air and floors of your residence in pristine condition.

What’s to like about the OVO? There’s plenty. First, there are the light indicators situated on the system itself, which will alert you to anything that occurs during the cleaning.

If you happen to suck up something that you shouldn’t have, or need to change the pail, the signifying indicator will let you know.

The Soft-Start technology (the proprietary name for its ability to run slowly before a full stop) ensures that the unit stays in good shape for a long time. Noise will never be a problem here, and you may not even notice when others are using it unless you’re close to the outlet. It’s very quiet.

OVO Heavy Duty Powerful Central Vacuum System, Hybrid Filtration (with or Without Disposable Bags) 35L or 9.25Gal, 700 Air watts, Large Vac, White & Silver


  • Reduces the likelihood of clogging in the pipes, thanks to the its Soft-Start technology
  • Has light indicators on the system that will alert users if any issue arise during cleaning
  • Makes very little noise, both from the handle and main body


  • Doesn’t come with a hose

What Customers Are Saying

Most users love the way that the OVO keeps the noise level down and lowers the chances for problems in the piping.

If you have a home with more than one floor, this could be extremely useful at keeping you from opening the pipes up for unclogging. There’s no hose included with this unit, so you’ll have to find one yourself to purchase alongside the system.

2. PP500 PurePower Central Vacuum System

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The PurePower is a central vacuum unit for people that want easy dispensing when finished with their cleaning. It features a large container at the bottom that’s great for this purpose and unlatches fast.

There’s an exhaust pipe on the right side of the main unit as well so be sure to mount it near a location where particulates can be pushed outside. If you have pets, this vacuum system will be a lifesaver. Here’s why.

For some consumers, a central vacuum system helps keep pet hair and other allergens from lingering in their homes. As you may already know, allergens can have a negative effect on one’s personal health, causing flare-ups and sinus problems.

The PP500 keeps all of these issues at bay by sucking up the bad, leaving your entire home with nothing but clean air. It almost acts as an air conditioner filter, but more refined. And since it includes a muffler, you can expect sound reduction to a level that makes it barely audible.

As mentioned, the latches on the system are large, making it easy to take apart when it’s time to empty the pail. Don’t worry about cleaning anything from the inside; the vacuum’s suction alone is strong enough to do most of this without wiping anything down.

It includes both high and low voltage wires for your plugs. If you have a standard plug or one that’s similar to your washer/drying hookup, you can go with either. Do keep in mind that the vacuum’s suction won’t be as strong with a standard plug, however.


  • Has large latches for easy dispensing of debris; opens quickly
  • The motor’s sound is reduced by the body of the system; less noise pollution than other competing brands
  • Low and high voltage/high amp wires are compatible with the system


  • The bin is made of frail-feeling plastic and may break if handled without proper care

What Customers Are Saying

Most users consider the PP500 good at cleaning interior air. This also includes odor elimination. Some consider the bin itself to be a weak point since it’s a little thin along the body. You’ll have to be careful to avoid hitting it with anything.

Yet since it’s likely to be in a stationary location, like most vacuum systems, this shouldn’t be too big of an issue if foot traffic in the nearby areas is minimal. Highly recommended.

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3. Ultra Clean SC200 Central Vacuum System

The Ultra Clean SC200 is a compact central vacuum that takes away the annoyances that are found on other units. The exhaust systems work wonders at filtering out particulates in the home, getting rid of pet odors and dust caused by humans and other animals.

Use it and you won’t be disappointed. Setup is easy and the unit comes with everything needed to ensure you have it up and running in no time.

Have you ever used a central vacuum system before? If so, you may have noticed that many of the debris baskets are smaller than one might expect. That’s not the case here. With the Ultra Clean, there’s enough space to hold debris for up to six months.

Of course, it’s always a good thing to check up on the health of your unit in between that time. Based on the size of your home, it might even hold debris for an even longer period.

The main feature of this vacuum system is its strong exterior body. It’s pretty commonplace to see other units built from materials that make it a cheap plastic work of art, one that could break easily with modest force.

But the Ultra Clean doesn’t have this issue. Just prop it up in your basement area and the unit will stay in good shape for many years to come.

Ultra Clean SC200 Central Vacuum System Power Unit with Ametek Tangential Bypass Motor Up to 7,500 sq.ft Homes – Made in Canada


  • Good exhaust system that picks pet debris well
  • Can hold up to five gallons of debris; doesn’t need to be emptied very often
  • Has a strong body that’s built to last for many years without getting damaged


  • If plastic hoses are used with the product, it could chip paint near the outlets if edge guards aren’t used

What Customers Are Saying

Everyone is raving about the Ultra Clean’s powerful suction and durable parts. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find home appliances built well enough to last years without the need for replacement parts.

When looking for a hose, consider getting one that doesn’t contain plastic along the portion that fits into the outlet. If you don’t, paint chipping could occur. Edge guards are an easy fix for this so don’t fret about it too much if you already have vacuum head pipes like this.

4. Imperium CV300 Central Vacuum System

The Imperium CV300 is a home central vacuum for people that favor strong suction over other features. While this isn’t the only good attribute of the product, it’s powerful suction ability makes it a great vacuum for anyone that must vacuum up the debris that rests on carpets and upholstery.

Quick to get rid of odors, you can expect your home to look and smell much cleaner once the vacuuming job is finished.

Like other central vacuum systems, this one contains primary parts that’ll help you get it up and running in no time. Mount fixtures are included, along with a mount to place your PVC in the exhaust for outdoor dispensing.

Even with homes of two or more floors, the suction doesn’t let up. It’ll remain strong no matter which room you use it on. It’s compatible for use in homes that are over 5000 square feet in size, so expect to leave no corners in your home uncleaned.

Although there is no vacuum handle included with the product, works well with most brands. When debris sucks into the pipes, it’ll travel to the dispense bin fast, with no lingering particles on the suction fans. After you’re done cleaning, no dust particles will remain.

Be sure to empty out the dust bins every couple of months. Yet even if you did forget, indicators on the vacuum’s body will alert you when emptying is necessary.

Imperium CV300 Central Vacuum Power Unit


  • Can get rid of allergens inside of a large home to a comparable degree air filters
  • Doesn’t lose suction at the farthest reaches of the PVC pipe
  • Everything that’s needed to mount the vacuum to a wall is supplied with the system itself


  • Difficult to clean the fan blades if drywall residue sticks to it

What Customers Are Saying

Most consumers like how the Imperium CV300 manages to suck up dirt well in PVC pipes that travel over a long distance, such as what’s common in two-floor homes.

However, some may experience issues if drywall manages to get into the vacuum, which is hard to wipe away from the fan blades. Be careful when vacuuming near walls, particularly those in hold homes, and this shouldn’t be a problem.

5. Allegro MU4500 Champion Central Vacuum System

The Allegro MU4500 Champion is a work of art. With it, you can clean up large homes in a short amount of time. And best of all, it comes with everything you need to begin cleaning from the start.

That’s right, included with the product is an electric hose, something not found in some of the other competing brands. There’s no need for you to run out and buy it yourself, so cleaning will be ready to commence as soon as this product arrives at your door.

Sometimes, consumers need to have everything ready for them to use the products they want, without the burden of frantically searching for things that should already be featured with the unit.

The MU4500 is a full set in one, including all parts and pieces to get your floors and furniture cleaned fast. The pipe itself is 35 feet long and you may not have to change outlets as often because of it.

Features-wise, the MU4500 is several. Since there’s a pipe provided by the company, you can hook up the vacuum after mounting and use it immediately. Just fasten the pipe to your outlets and that’s it. It’s height-adjustable, so people of various heights can help you clean up (time to put the kids to work!).

Its filtration system is great as well, and ever requires cleaning. This is done on its own, with the suction itself keeping things on the inside of a tidy state.

Allegro MU4500 Champion - 6,000 Square Foot Home Central Vacuum System 35 Foot Electric Powerhead Hose Kit


  • Unlike some vacuum system brands, includes an electric hose with the unit
  • The interior of the unit, including the filter, never requires cleaning
  • Six height adjustment levels on the head


  • Scratches and dents easily is brushed against other hard objects

What Customers Are Saying

Users admire the MU4500’s ability to vacuum quickly with a big assortment of cleaning tools to get the job done. However, this is one thing that some found a bit annoying. The main body of the vacuum is quite sensitive to scratches and dents, which will surely appear if you hit it with something by accident.

Be careful where you place it upon mounting to avoid this from occurring. Other than that, there’s little negative to say about the MU4500. It has all the things one needs for a central vacuum system, keeping your focus on cleaning instead of searching for more tools to do so.

6. Vacumaid P125p Central Vacuum System

The Vacumaid P125p is a central vacuum cleaner for anyone that has a home that’s up to 9000 square feet in floor space. That’s the limit on the product suction power.

You’ll be able to get those floors cleaned quickly, no matter if you have tile, carpet, or hardwood. Since big homes require strong vacuums with good suction power, this product contains a powerful fan that manages to pull in all sorts of dry debris, and never clogs while doing so.

Have you had problems with drywall and paint chippings getting into your vacuum in the past? While this might sometimes be avoidable, it could lead to damages with some brands.

This won’t be a problem here, with small paint chips always making their way to either the exhaust or dust bin. And for this reason, you can expect the Vacumaid P125p to last well past the end of its warranty date.

If you like good air quality in your home, put the Vacumaid P125p high on your lists. It does wonders for getting (and keeping) the air in your home clean. Pet hair, human hair, you name it-all debris that’s known to cause allergic reactions will be gone, including their lingering smells.

Vacumaid P125p Cyclonic Central Vacuum Power Unit


  • Powerful enough to be used in homes that are up to 9000 square feet
  • Doesn’t chip away paint or drywall near the outlets
  • Leaves a noticeable difference in air quality after vacuuming is finished


  • Slightly more noisy than its competitors

What Customers Are Saying

Overall, consumers like how efficient the Vacumaid P125p manages to clean floors and its ease of hookup. There’s no assembly required here; just mount it in a suitable location and you’ll be ready to go.

7. Allegro MUA50 Central Vacuum System

The Allegro MUA50 is recommended for anyone that wants a central vacuum in the home with strong parts and equally strong suction power. Some vacuums that it competes with may not have durable exhausts, which lessen the amount of debris that travel outside.

This could make a difference for things like hair and dust particles, and how much of it ends up in the dust bin. However, none of this is the case with the Allegro MUA50.

It’s also self-cleaning, meaning that you won’t ever find yourself wiping down the inside of the unit. This also means that your PVC tubing will stay clean for much longer.

If you’re leaning towards portable but powerful vacuum cleaner options, you can сhoose something from best canister vacuums.

Allegro MUA50 Champion 6,000 Square Foot Home Central Vacuum Power Unit


  • Has a durable exhaust pipe that’ll never erode or break on the outside
  • Is self-cleaning; doesn’t require cleaning on the inside
  • Includes a muffler, reducing noise pollution wherever the vacuuming is done


  • Suction power could weaken at the farthest outlets

What Customers Are Saying

Almost everyone that has tried out the MUA50 for themselves raves about its sound level, and how quiet it stays.

That’s because of its high-quality muffler, which reduces the sound to a low purr. If you wish not to disturb anyone during your vacuuming, this is one of the best cleaning tools to have around.

8. Electrolux QuietClean Central Vacuum System

There’s a lot to like about the Electrolux. For starters, there’s the digital monitor that’s housed on its body. It will indicate suction power, wattage, and inform you of when the dust pin needs to be changed. And while this might not be much, it’s pleasant to look at.

Cleaning with a home vacuum system is a modern process, with some brands showcasing models maintaining digital displays. The Electrolux is one such model. But that’s not the only thing to like about the unit.

Setup is painless and requires no lengthy assembly to get it running. Still, there is an instruction manual provided with the cleaners. It consists mostly of details on how to use the product.


  • Comes with a digital monitor that indicates power and wattage
  • The fast-unlatching debris pail can be changed quickly
  • Looks attractive; blends in well with other basement-typical appliances


  • Quite heavy; weighs over 30 pounds

What Customers Are Saying

Try out the Electrolux if you want something that isn’t fancy but manages to add a bit of modernity to vacuuming (its digital display). Most like it’s suction power and quiet noise level, although others did find it to be a bit too heavy.

9. Nadair 700 AW Central Vacuum System

The Nadir 700 AW is a central house vacuum for all, having enough good features to be recommended for either medium or large-sized homes.

With it, you can easily get up caked up debris from floors of all kinds, including carpet. It comes with a pipe that measures 30 feet in length, making quick hookups to your outlets easy to do.

Two brushes are also provided, great for cleaning pet hair and other particulates that cling to your furniture pieces. Nothing about the vacuum says cheap. It’s guaranteed to last for a long time thanks to its study design.


  • Has a 30-foot pipe for the vacuum handle
  • Comes with two vacuum brushes (and a hose for upholstery)
  • The body doesn’t feel cheap and consists of steel exterior that won’t rust


  • Latches are sometimes difficult to open

What Customers Are Saying

While the latches themselves could be a bit of a pain to open, most find that the Nadair 700 AW is an outstanding cleaning tool to have around. Get ready to say goodbye to all pet odors.

10. Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum System

The final product is the Prolux CV12000, which has a great filtration system capable of preventing you from ever using a bag.

There’s no need for them since all debris ends up where it’s supposed to go. The same can be said for allergens traveling through the exhaust. The end result is a clean home with fewer air particulates, lessening the chances of allergy-induced sinuses and other illnesses.

The vacuum pipe and end can be adjusted according to the height of the user, so anyone in your home can clean.

The CV12000 has a muffler and it does manage to reduce the sound, but not to the degree of other brands you may have considered getting. That’s not to say this it doesn’t work, but that you should expect to hear the vacuum running after walking several feet away from it.


  • Performs well in large homes up to 12,000 square feet in size
  • Good height adjustment range on the handle
  • There are three filtration phases on the until before debris reaches its end, making a bag unnecessary


  • Although a muffler is included, it may not reduce the noise too much in smaller homes

What Customers Are Saying

Besides the sound level, there’s nothing controversial about the CV12000. Nearly everyone that has used the product loves the way it includes tools to tackle vacuuming on a variety of surfaces. Try it out for yourself and you won’t regret it.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Quiet Vacuum

Remember, a central vacuum system is designed to be used as a semi-permanent solution to your vacuuming needs. This means that you won’t have to worry about breaking out portable vacuums every again.

Many brands contain vents capable of pushing dirty air outside instead of filtering on the inside. Central vacuums work by taking debris that’s picked up from a tube, which travels down a PVC pipe.

Once near the body of the unit, debris either travels in a bag or dust bin while the heater air goes outside through an exhaust system. Some units might not have one or more of these features (more on that later).

Types of central vacuum systems

There are three main types of central vacuum systems. The first and most common are flow-through motors, which are commonly found in economy brands.

They often have no fan system and because of that, very quiet. The second is peripheral motors, which are a bit easier to manage than the former but contain non-external exhaust.

The third is tangential motors. These are the kind you’ve seen (and shown in the reviews) with large exhaust pipes capable of separating debris from touching the motor. You can expect tangential vacuums to last much longer than the other two.

Central Vacuum System FAQ

What is a central vacuum system in a house?

It’s basically what’s been shown, a system that you can hook up into your residence, which is usually the basement area or location of your water heater.

With most central vacuum brands, you’ll need PVC pipes to get everything working. If you’re in a home that doesn’t have this, you could remove the sheetrock/insulation to do this (more time-consuming) or find workarounds instead.

Trash chutes are an excellent alternative to tearing out your wall.

Do most Central Vacuums come with Everything Needed to Get Started?

It depends on the manufacturer. Some brands won’t include the pipes and heads that you need to do actual vacuuming.

Because of this, it’s important that you read up on what parts come with the unit. Don’t rely on pictures that you need in the product’s description. Look to see everything provided with the actual vacuuming is listed somewhere on the page instead.

Is Vacuuming the Same as using a Standard Portable Vacuum?

It’s very similar to using a normal vacuum. However, central vacuums typically have more power than those that are portable. This is due to their wattage. With standard vacuums, they typically don’t power over 15 amps, to keep the product from getting damaged from surges.

Central vacuums could be either in this range of power (15 amps with a standard plug) or much higher if it uses three or four-prong plugs, and/or inlet valves.

What’s the Easiest way to Install a Central Vacuum System?

If you already have PVC tubing installed in the home, the hard part is already done. If not, then you could consider hiring a professional to get the pipes fitted behind your walls. Or try it for yourself if you fancy doing such work on your own!

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Making the Decision

Which of the ten vacuums do you think is most suitable for your home? Of all of them shown, there’s one that comes out on top of the others.

The PP500 PurePower (shown in number 1) has all the right features that one should look for in a central vacuum, including, strong suction and powerful filtration capabilities.

The others are just as impressive, so don’t change your mind if you’re already sold on one of them. Some of the best central vacuum system products have been showcased above, each with their own individual advantages and benefits.

Make your purchase today and get ready to have a cleaner and healthier home!

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